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    Forward facing sonar

    Just in general as I saw one Muskie tournament banned it then another followed. Then heard others might follow.
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    Forward facing sonar

    That’s probably why the other people who are in the tournament complaining about it instead of using it. So they’re just banning it.
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    Forward facing sonar

    So how good does this feature work? Seems like it’s getting a lot of attention in tournaments. As it is being banned. From what I hear people who are fishing with this are blowing other people away. Might be something to look into for all you use tech on your boats. ;)
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    What did you Catch Today?

    Sounds like summer fishing, went out myself yesterday to local lake just a small catfish. Hit later in the day.
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    Fishing buddy??

    Congrats make sure to put a fishing rod in his hands as fast as possible.
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    Hot weather fishes

    Remember there are no fish that like the hot waters some just handle it better. Keep the ones your not going to keep in the water for a better release.
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    White Flies are coming ~

    That would be neat to see. Just like watching a black cloud come at you and you get poured on.
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    White Flies are coming ~

    As quick as they will come they will be gone before you know it.
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    Basic black

    Did something like that really worked great in muddy waters. The trout loved it.
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    I Quit!

    Great to hear and for your health. Good luck.
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    Favorite Top Water Lure

    So you crush bards for yourself not the fish. Hahaha :)😃👍
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    Favorite Top Water Lure

    If that’s the case of fish straightening out the hook then I would definitely downsize to a thicker hook. ;) Something I’ve learned in fly tying. They make thicker hooks for a reason. The reason thinner hooks probably cause it doesn’t take away the action of the lure so a smaller thicker hook...
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    Favorite Top Water Lure

    If you don’t like singles I would definitely downsize those trebles.
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    Rapala Countdown

    Good color. Should work
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    Drinking water

    At home in the city i drink straight from the sink. How water taste different.