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  1. Don M

    Name change

    don309 is now Don M
  2. Don M

    Power bait dip

    Now I'm not a real fan of power bait. But I use Gulp Alive products, and save the juice. I put my trout magnets in the juice. I saw this today for the first time Power Bait dip (Roe). Has anyone used this?
  3. Don M

    Thinking of this to melt lead

    So this spring I want to make sinkers. A little down the road jigs. I'm leaning towards this from Cabela's, what do you think? I've never done this before, so this may be a stupid question. I want to get a mold with 9 cavities, if the ladle doesn't hold enough lead for all I want to fill. Can I...
  4. Don M

    NEW Ricketts Glen State Park Full-Hookup Sites!

    Can anyone give me any information on this place? May try it this spring camping/fishing.
  5. Don M

    VE German Club flea market

    Well the two Don's met up today. I got one good deal, a 308 Mitchell very good condition $25.00. Of course the other Don did better, but I'll let him ramble on about his deals,,,,,LOL Was good to meet you Don.
  6. Don M

    Trout season 2022

    Trout season in PA is 82 days away. April 2 2022.
  7. Don M

    What components do you use?

    I'm curious to see what components, people are using to build rods. I have been using mostly MHX blanks (Mudhole). American Tackle aluminum & graphite reel seats. Fuji KL guides, using this KR GPS for placement, Anglers Resource® / Fuji® Rod Components: The Source Threadmaster lite for the...
  8. Don M

    How do you transport rods?

    A couple years ago I was going to make a pvc rod holder to transport my saltwater rods on my roof rack. Than I ran across these ski/snowboard holders, at the time they were $65.00 well worth it. I like them because they lock and slide out to reach everything. How do you transport long rods
  9. Don M

    Morris PA

    I have some friends that have a hunting camp, in Tioga county. All I know is that its near Morris rod & gun club, and pine creek. One of the guy's (owner of the camper), will not make this coming trout opener. Looks like I'll be making a couple trip up that way. Anyone have any information I...
  10. Don M

    2022 registration

    The 2022 saltwater registration is out. Got mine incase I try winter flounder again.
  11. Don M

    Been all over the internet

    I have been looking for a Mitchell 310 TAIWAN made trip lever, for about 4 months. So why not try here. Mitchell 310 UL Taiwan Made
  12. Don M

    Have any spots you want to share?

    Ok so I mostly fish trout, in Philadelphia, and Delaware counties. Just a little in Montgomery and Chester counties. Some bass on the Perkiomen creek. Anyone want to share so spots?
  13. Don M


    I know it's a long way till Fluke season. But does anyone fish Manasquan Inlet (Point Pleasant) or Shark River (Belmar) for fluke.
  14. Don M

    I dabble in DIY

    I dabble in DIY. I got in to rod building about 2 years nothing fancy, just very fishable. I bought a Mudhole wrapper kit with the power wrapper. After a few rods, I thought why not make the rods as much as possible custom. So I built a cork press, a lathe to turn the cork (out of a sewing...