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  1. HenryDavid

    White Flies are coming ~

    Long tails, graceful in flight, and bigger than most of the insects around. What's the big deal? The biggest and oldest bass give themselves up during this hatch.
  2. HenryDavid

    Favorite Top Water Lure

    I've always preferred the Jitterbug because it's classic. I like being able to pause/stop the lure and have it keep floating so I'm not a fan of buzz baits. I found a Whopper Plopper in mint condition hung up on a rock while wading the Susky last summer and used it a few times and found that it...
  3. HenryDavid

    1st Day of summer on the Susquehanna North Branch

    I finally hit a hatch on the river when the bass were actually rising. This spot has produced for me in the past and is my Shangri-La for dry fly fishing. Please excuse the poor audio and camera work. This is recorded by a small head mounted action cam which is enclosed in a water proof...
  4. HenryDavid

    Plastics for Crappies through the ice

    I've had some success with crappies lately, dropping the usual from mealworms, waxies on jigs, fathead minnows and plastics. They seem to really go for the plastics, I'll put a pic below of what I've been using on small slow sinking jig. Problem is they seem to rush up to it then I can't get...
  5. HenryDavid

    Walleyes through the ice?

    What's a good rig, bait, set-up for walleyes under the ice? I've had limited success but have caught them on tip-ups rigged with medium shiners, jigging rapalas and spoon with minnow head. I've watched some videos of guys in Canada getting them on everything, wish we had the population of eyes...
  6. HenryDavid

    Skim ice on Frances SLocum

    Drove past Frances Slocum this afternoon, shallow side had a pretty good start, lots of ice covering it. It'll be awhile yet. Dam side was wide open.
  7. HenryDavid

    Ice "Flies"

    I saw some of these advertised online, very pricey, $4 each even. I was curious if any of you do it yourselfers & fly tiers had any idea how one might create some without breaking the bank. These are tungsten and glow. Glow is a plus but tungsten not a necessity.
  8. HenryDavid

    Local creek after rain

    I checked the local DHALO stretch Friday afternoon, water was flowing, bite was average, got a few on wully buggers Some video
  9. HenryDavid

    White Flies? Nah, fooled ya

    I pushed myself to get out again Tuesday evening before the deluge, Susquehanna North Branch is projected to go up 10 feet by Friday o_O I started seeing surface action right away but only a very few white flies, then it rained, then it stopped raining, then it rained, stopped, repeat, ect...
  10. HenryDavid

    Here comes Fred

    "The remnants of Fred will push through Wednesday into early Thursday morning. Localized rainfall amounts over 5 inches will be possible and this would lead to flash flooding in some areas." -
  11. HenryDavid

    White Fly Action

    Monday evening I was hoping to catch the tail end of the white fly hatch on the Susquehanna North Branch in the Harding - Apple Tree boat launch area. I got to the river around 5pm and struggled to get any bites on the spinning gear until one smallie hit my jig and ended the drought, that would...
  12. HenryDavid

    Susquehanna White Flies

    White flies made their appearance in the Falls / Harding area. There were a good number flying around but they disappeared before dark and it was not a major hatch at all. Saw just a few rising fish but couldn't get a take. I'm confident that water clarity will improve and we will get a shot...
  13. HenryDavid

    Susquehanna North Branch - summertime levels

    Gauge in Wilkes-Barre is under 2 feet, that usually means decent conditions for wading up around Harding and Falls. I'm wondering about water clarity, has anyone fished the North Branch lately?
  14. HenryDavid

    Shout out to Randy Z

    I just received my jig rod in the mail, fantastic !! You are definitely a master craftsman. Thank You !!
  15. HenryDavid

    Leaders for large streamers

    What do you streamer chuckers use when throwing the big meaty flies? I would like to up my river fishing game and be able to cast good sized flies without the major hitches. Furled leaders? I use 6wt for trout and 8 wt. for river smallies.
  16. HenryDavid

    Early top water action - gills & crappie

  17. HenryDavid

    MelvinP's fly that would not die

    Quickly running out of wully buggers for my early spring streamer fishing for trout I tied on one of MelvinP's buggers. We need a name for this bugger, I think it's an olive like purple flash or maybe a "King Crimson" bugger. I caught several trout with this fly on Sunday and with water...
  18. HenryDavid

    Dry Flies

    The Mayfly season is upon us. I don't see much discussion on here with regards to dry flies and mayflies, does any tie or fish dries?
  19. HenryDavid

    Mini Leech

    I found this pattern online and it turned out to be a rainbow slayer. As my local stream levels are coming down, in a size #8 it had accounted for most of my trout. I only had the one and a very arrogant bow took it with a vicious tug last evening breaking off my 4X - 6lb tippet. I will be...
  20. HenryDavid

    Loyalsock early spring

    I'm heading to fish the Loyalsock for 4 days last week of March, the DHALO section known as Sandy Bottom. I haven't been out that way for years, mostly wondering what flies to use. I'm thinking streamers, nymphs.