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  1. truecrimson

    Prayer Request

    My father in law is in the hospital with blood clots in both legs, and now they have found tumors in his chest, back, and neck. We are asking people of faith for prayers for him, and if you attend church could you add him to your church's prayer list. His name is Michael and he lives in...
  2. truecrimson

    What did you find today, that you had lost?

    Was digging through things looking for something for the wife and ran across of box of stuff I knew I had at one point but kind of vaguely thought was in storage. Among many other things in the box was my missing fish finder battery. The charger says it's charging. Old left, new right.
  3. truecrimson

    Boat buying process

    I don't want to get too excited yet, but a great bargain on a used boat may have just fallen into my lap. It may still fall through. If it doesn't fall through, what is the process for transferring boat and trailer titles in PA? How much does it cost?
  4. truecrimson

    I don't know what got loose here today

    But I hope 9mm is enough for it.
  5. truecrimson

    Kayak Camping Gear

    Blackcat and I may try some kayak fishing/camping this year. I camped as a kid into my 20s probably. It ranged from "Crap, we forgot the tent! Oh well." all the way to a fully equipped trailer by the end of it. My brother and I also did some camping as "Indian Guides" which was the YMCA...
  6. truecrimson

    Stoever's Dam Today

    Prednisone has me wound up like that squirrel in Hoodwinked Ran by Stoever's to see how it looked while I was out running errands. Actually made me think about giving it a try. Except that I have no auger, or proper clothing. I'd be out there in sneakers and my regular coat making a hole...
  7. truecrimson

    Covid positive but my exemption was accepted

    Last night I got a mild headache, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, mild cough. I have been working a lot and losing sleep the last week or so, so I figured that was it. This morning I felt the same so I tested myself. 2 rapids, both positive. Symptoms are still very mild. I already loaded up...
  8. truecrimson

    Looking for cheap used Daiwa minis

    I would like to ask any of you garage sellers, flea marketers, and other hobos to keep an eye out for Daiwa mini cast and mini spin rods in your travels. They are currently unavailable new, and I can't afford to buy a bunch of new ones anyway. Prices on ebay are insane. Ridiculous. I will...
  9. truecrimson

    The truth about the Thanksgiving story - WARNING - Political Content
  10. truecrimson

    Happy Thanksgiving

    This forum and it's members are one of the many many things I have to be thankful for. I thank God every day for everything. I hope everyone is spending today with family and good friends enjoying good food and good company.
  11. truecrimson

    Millville and Orangeville

    Any good shore/bank fishing spots in either area? I would take lake, creek, river, pond. If you don't want to spot burn PM me. Job #2 is in a busy phase right now and I am going to Millville weekly. I am going to Orangeville for them tomorrow. At job #1 my counterpart is going out for gall...
  12. truecrimson

    Boat Advice

    Alright, I am thinking about getting my first boat sometime next year. I know I can be long winded so the important parts are bolded and underlined if you want to skip the small talk. I'd like to keep it as inexpensive as possible. No financing, probably >$4000 and as far less as possible be...
  13. truecrimson

    Anyone using Fishing Apps/Fishing Social Media?

    I've messed around with fishidy before. I could never seem to easily to do what I thought I needed to do. something about it didn't mesh with me. The (no longer quite so) new kayak came with ads for ANGLR. I tried messing with it a couple of times. It seems a lot more in depth and perhaps...
  14. truecrimson


    Last Monday the creek was still in bad shape so I picked up a dozen shiners and a dozen fathead and went to Memorial. I used some and gave some away toa mennonite family fishing from the 'duck' when I got out. I knew I wouldn't be able to fish again until tomorrow and didn't know what else to...
  15. truecrimson

    Gun Thread

    Why doesn't we has one? I'll start
  16. truecrimson

    Velvet underground

    Saw these guys outside a nursing home I visited Friday in a surprisingly urban area. Turned the car around, pulled in close. They looked and went about their business. No fear.
  17. truecrimson

    What happened to PAFisherman?

    A-5, that was a scary and cryptic message. I came here as instructed and signed up, but there is no further information. So what happened?