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  1. Don

    Shhhh, do you hear that?

    That is so awesome. I was afraid you waited all year to skunk. Glad u had fun. I just arrived in shad landing of the Pocomoke State Park. Hoping for big Pickerel.
  2. Don

    Different kinds of retrieval methods

    Thats correct and my old limber 4wt isn't always willing. Its a very limber 4wt.
  3. Don

    The Brown Owl

    I'm interested in this:
  4. Don

    Shhhh, do you hear that?

    How bout a report A-5?
  5. Don

    Different kinds of retrieval methods

    Look at the tutorials page. You seem calm, collected, and never distracted. You may find this right up you alley.
  6. Don

    Different kinds of retrieval methods

    I'm learning the roll cast but the 4wt is a bit light. along as the fly isn't too heavy it seems to be okay.
  7. Don

    I’m trying to improve my minnow

    Handsome little guy. As much as Deer is the most authentic I have gotten allot moe interest from Kraft Fur. Also the minnows Ive tied with oodles of flash were by far the least productive. I now use only one to two pieces of ivory crystal flat on each side. Looking forward to seeing your...
  8. Don

    Crappy weather

    Congrats. Beautiful Fish.
  9. Don

    Shhhh, do you hear that?

    This is the Lehigh River Dam in Easton with the Delaware on the left. It looked like the Lehigh was up a little but the water was not very stained. The Delaware on the other hand was way up and Chocolate colored.
  10. Don


    Remember that I'm after Pickerel and Panfish.
  11. Don

    What did you Catch Today?

    Stockie or native. Anyway U get 10 "at-a-boys".
  12. Don

    Shhhh, do you hear that?

    Yes did you see the reports over on the other side the upper Delaware in Catskills are all blown out
  13. Don

    Just about ready for may

    Thats allot. Great Stuff.
  14. Don

    Swing style streamer

    Awesome. good photo study.
  15. Don

    Different kinds of retrieval methods

    Fish are crazy. My favorite are pickerel. They follow and follow. Right to the boat they follow.
  16. Don

    Shhhh, do you hear that?

  17. Don

    Shhhh, do you hear that?

    Notice how quiet it is with A-5 gone? Relaaaaxing No? Bet he misses us!
  18. Don

    Mushroom season is just around the corner

    Wow, that's tasty!
  19. Don

    Swing style streamer

    I trust you. Grem or Sol will do the test for me and report back. By the way, what type of loop, or other do you recommend? Do you have a photo?
  20. Don

    Refill olive

    Olive, I get it, but I've been Flyfishing for two years this coming June 3rd, I have never caught a bass or trout an any color Wolly Bugger. I don't know how you do it. I get allot of Pickerel and panfish on the smaller sizes. Recently your crony, Mr. Nappenater. showed me some size 12 jig tied...