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  1. Melvinp

    How are you with Blade Baits?

    Lol 1 bullhead so far on the blade
  2. Melvinp

    The Payoff

    Did u add cayenne I use Zartans (flour not corn meal) it has a little heat but only a little,peanut oil at 350 to start each batch about 3/4 minutes depending on if there your cally filet or mine lol egg wash to thicken the batter a bit
  3. Melvinp

    Rods: How Strong is Strong?

    I was going to make a big point on how different materials make different rods but just go im7
  4. Melvinp

    Rods: How Strong is Strong?

    Now all you have to do is use all those rods lol you’ve got a pretty serious collection going on lol
  5. Melvinp

    Spoons and the likes

    I would guess that a direct connection or a swivel at the lure would be best just because of the dead section of line between your leader connection and then again at your lure it might not always be tight
  6. Melvinp

    What did you Catch Today?

    Can we all say cell phone and driving to fast
  7. Melvinp

    You There Z ?????

    Probably the the amount of work it really takes to redo a rod Even to redo the eyes can set you back a hours no less the handles don’t come apart easily it would really have to be a special moment rod
  8. Melvinp

    Back to Inline Spinners

    What type of inline spinners you talking wire or mono/floro I use octopus hooks like you pictured on my walleye spinners using line and have tried them with wire but didn’t like the way they sat when I twisted the wire.
  9. Melvinp

    Back to Inline Spinners

    I actually liked a drop shot hook the best but I haven’t used it but a few times
  10. Melvinp

    Deer season

    Anyone else chasing tails still waiting for the right one on this end
  11. Melvinp

    Back to Inline Spinners

    Gold is great color for trout gold pretty much works with all fresh water fish not real sure on salt silver might be better.Now size never had great luck with large spinners #2&3 for bass but most of the time 0/1 for anything else
  12. Melvinp

    Spoons and the likes

    I did notice that in the video but not sure if it helps only really played with blade baits that much this year.
  13. Melvinp

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!!! Eat lots take a nap and start all over again
  14. Melvinp

    Awesome visitor tonight

    They should lol they get nasty when they get wings
  15. Melvinp

    Awesome visitor tonight

    It’s a caddisfly not really sure which one but they give trout the shimmyshakes to lol
  16. Melvinp

    Awesome visitor tonight

    On the porch
  17. Melvinp

    Tonight’s project

    Just something buggy size 12 curved nymph hook
  18. Melvinp

    From game changer to

    Sorry I doubled first picture was blurry
  19. Melvinp

    From game changer to

    A size a size 12 nymph I’ve got issues
  20. Melvinp

    It’s here

    Didn’t see it snowing today either lol