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    I Quit!

    Except, unlike cigarettes, there is no medical evidence and that sun tan lotion, microwave ovens, bug spray, and ice cream cause cancer. I personally do not consume round up or miracle grow so don’t care if they do or not.
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    I Quit!

    I quit for 10 years When somebody handed me a cigar in a bar in Germany. I bought A pack of smokes at the machine not one hour later. Smoked again for another 10 years when I quit cold turkey. Took 9 months for the urge to smoke went away. I know one puff will lead to one cigarette and one...
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    I Quit!

    Great news! Because if your sucking down nicotine thru a cig or a pouch your still smoking. Sort of, kind of. Now tough it out for the next two days. I’m willing to bet your addiction was more the routine of actually holding and physically smoking then the nicotine. Don’t succumb!!! You got...
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    Minnow Buckets for the worthy
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    I Quit!

    I remember my first brush with the Red man. I wouldn’t want to do that again. Time to toss the crutches aside. You can do it.
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    I Quit!

    Have you stopped the nicotine pouches yet?
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    What did you Buy Today?

    The Dundee Cabelas has more trolling and ice fishing gear then I’ve ever seen in any one store. I guess that’s because of those big lakes they have up there. oh yeah, I can easily add an hour on to a trip by stopping at a Cabelas. There are some dud cabelas locations out there but Hamburg and...
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    What did you Buy Today?

    When my daughter went to the other Michigan school I used the cabelas in Dundee as my final rest stop. It was only 20 minutes away from Ann Arbor but I didn’t want to fatigue myself at the very end. It was a pretty good Cabelas Store. I seem to recall the green school was only 45 minutes further...
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    Doughball recipe

    I fish for them but not often, maybe once or twice a year. I always say I should go out for them more but it’s difficult to make enough time for all my fishing desires. I have two dedicated carp rods one with an OC bait runner reel and an ugly stik G2 (40 bucks) with a Penn fierce live liner...
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    What did you Catch Today?

    I appreciate that as I’m sure Charlotte does as well. Passing our joys and passions on to the next generation is way better than eating every fish we catch. Welcome to the 21st century, I hope you stay and enjoy it for a while.
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    What did you Catch Today?

    I wonder why? Hate to see that one removed from the gene pool when there’s plenty of 12 and 13” bass with less mercury to feast on. To each their own.
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    The tank test

    I just timed it. 3 minutes and it’s still floating high.
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    What did you Catch Today?

    Hats off to you guys who still get out to fish on these hot muggy oppressive days.
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    Forward facing sonar

    They are taking all of the fun out of fishing. I’d rather keep the money and still catch fish, maybe more, maybe less, don’t care enough to spend the money to find out. I think I’d enjoy dropping a dough ball over the side of the boat and waiting instead of moving all over the place looking for...
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    Hot weather fishes

    I’m like the fish, I don’t care much for hot weather either. I don’t mind hot but when it get scorching hot I sit in the AC for a month and save my time off for fall. I may go do some saltwater fishing because of the nice ocean breeze but anymore the summertime crowds keep me from doing that.
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    I Quit!

    Congrats! At 25 days your far from being out of the woods but it’s a great start so stay committed and focused. Remember, you can never have “just one.” You are right in that it’s more mental then a physical addiction. I read somewhere that the physical addiction to nicotine only last a few days...
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    I have serious issues

    Time for a new one.
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    Where am i

    Riding side saddle in the passenger seat. That’s weird.
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    What did you Buy Today?

    Perhaps I missed it, do you like it?
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    Favorite Top Water Lure

    I think they just look bigger stuck in a hand. They are about 2/0 stock hooks. I’ve had these and their split rings straightened out by big fish so I definitely will not be downsizing them. Take the lure off the hook, grab an ice cube from your cooler and freeze the area around the hook and...