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  1. Randy Z

    We all need to meet somewhere!!!

    I think it would be awesome for all of us to get together somewhere and do a float, fish, picnic, whatever!!!! Just a meet and greet type thing! Just to meet the people behind the names! We all have the same passion in mind, FISHING!!! Trade flys, lures, gear, Stories!!!! Everyone get together...
  2. Randy Z

    4/5 weight fly rod

    Well it held up too some large smallies!!!! Thanks MelvinP!!! Rod works awsome!!!!!
  3. Randy Z

    Tunk. Creek.

    Well it wasnt a steller day, but none the less was a day fishing! MelvinP and I hit the creek early. The bite wasnt awsome, but we were able to hook a few. I was graced with a 20" fallfish right off the bat! Later, another fallfish about 16". Fighting them on a 4-5 weight fly rod with 4 lb...
  4. Randy Z

    Keep it simple

    Sometimes less is more!!
  5. Randy Z

    1st post WOOOHOOO!!

    It's just around the corner!