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  1. Solitario Lupo

    New tool

    And it’s not for grinding beans. Makes some great dubbing. Just cut some yarn up and a couple spins.
  2. Solitario Lupo

    Best fish 2021

    What was your best fish of the year 21. Pick your one top favorite. Mine has to be the musky I got at the beginning of the year. Going to be hard to beat but I’m going for a bigger one this year. :unsure:
  3. Solitario Lupo

    Carp flies

    Since I haven’t tied anything up for awhile now and it’s the new year so was thinking what to tie up. Might actually try to get some actual good flies for carp and not by luck flies. Post up what you know, flies that have worked for you. If you have any.
  4. Solitario Lupo

    Duck fishing

    Looks like fun to do. 🤙
  5. Solitario Lupo


    Finally got a good snow shower. How much you get in your area. Mine maybe two to three inches.
  6. Solitario Lupo

    Raining fish

    Anyone ever heard of this. Wonder how true it is or did a bird drop it...
  7. Solitario Lupo

    Happy new year

    Hope this year goes better. Anyone have any plains, mini vacation, fishing trips. What’s your thoughts on the new year. Happy new year all. 🥳🤑🥴🤮👊🍀
  8. Solitario Lupo

    Rule book is changing

    All the new hype.
  9. Solitario Lupo

    3D pen

    Anyone ever see this. Saw it on sale for black Friday thought I'd give it a try.
  10. Solitario Lupo

    Another record

    My kinda guy releasing it but should he have gone for it. Could a been world record for rainbows.
  11. Solitario Lupo

    Flying fish

    Wonder how many actually make it lol. Thought it was a neat vid to share...
  12. Solitario Lupo


    Looking for a good waterproof pair of boots. Not wading just a walking around on shore. I usually get goretex and love them but seeing there’s so many types out there and goretex being so expensive nowadays. What’s your go to boots.
  13. Solitario Lupo

    Another creek gone.

    Second creek polluted and 1000 of fish die.
  14. Solitario Lupo

    Plastics glo in dark

    Thought I’d give it a go. Not bad holds the charge good but gotta leave it out in the sun or under a light for about 15min or for good charge over 30min.
  15. Solitario Lupo

    Plastic lures FS

    So a deal didn’t go threw so I’m stuck with a bunch of plastics I made. Thought I’d give some members on here a chance before I go somewhere else. Shipping is $6.80 Pack A. $10.60 3.5” swimbait 3 3.2” crawdad 7 3” Goby. 3 4.5” catfish. 2
  16. Solitario Lupo

    Spring rod holder

    Looks like I'm trying something new. It seem to work except for hooking a fish. Haha. I got some playing around to do with them.
  17. Solitario Lupo

    Walleye new record

    Looks like a great meal.
  18. Solitario Lupo

    Lake Erie steelhead

    12hrs of fishing found some holes that had fish and only a couple people fishing for them. Caught a bunch lost a bunch. Them fishy need more water bet a good number will swim up. Mostly anything egg was working.
  19. Solitario Lupo

    Deer hunters

    I know we got some hunters on here and it’s that time of year. I need big patches of white belly hair for my deer hair minn flies. Would anyone be Interested in sending me some. I will pay shipping fees or I can send a dozen of flies to trade.
  20. Solitario Lupo

    Webcam Erie

    Looks like the trout are swimming in.