1000 sq in of goodness


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We sold the Traeger a day after we found a Pit Boss Austin XL for $100 off. Reviews were mixed but we just got done eating ribs and they were awesome! Temps held perfectly steady, can't wait to see what it can do.

Shiela makes a mean smoked Mac n cheese on the smoker. The secret ingredient is toasted forearm hair ;):) 20220910_161514.jpg20220910_161603.jpg

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Had a smoker lasted a year then broke but the smoke still worked so it gave some nice smoke flavors. It was a cheaper Masterbuilt eventually the door plastic bottom and top rotted away so the door just fell off lol. Never going to buy another one like that.

I’ve been looking at them it looks like you got a good one. Heavy duty for them big meats.

Never had smoke mac n cheese sounds good now I want some. :)


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Walmart has some clearance prices on them right now. If we do our get together in Oct then maybe I'll bring some of my smoked mac and cheese.


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Yeah check Walmart in person. They had it $50 cheaper in store than on line. I saw one box with a price tag $53 cheaper than it scanned and they honored it. They had others with some great prices if they honor the price on the tag.