Black Spot


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Has anyone seen Black Spot in the Panfish they harvest. Are the okay to eat. I assume they're okay, I've eaten many, but I've only recently realized what all the pretty black speckles are in the fillets I take off the fish.


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Although that photo is from the internet it is identical to two of the fish I butchered last night. Harmless but yucky to think about.


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These are in the freezer and are co-mingled with clean fish. When I thaw them I'll chuck them. While they aren't harmful the yuck factor is large.


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What A5 posted is what I've always heard. Me personally, I wont eat them. They seem most common in pumpkin seeds and rock bass. I've often found if one fish of a species has them most of the rest in that lake will too. Around me White Oak, North Lake, Lilly Lake the pumpkin seed go back. Lake Carey rock bass had them too. Cant remember any perch or calico having them.
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