Change-over week


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This is a time of great anticipation for many of us. I asked the Phlebotamist drawing my blood today if she was ready to fish and to my surprise she said she couldn't wait and that her son and Grandpa were getting everything ready.
I understand that this week is about it for ice guys as well so this week and next will be the change to Turkey and Trout season. Good by thermals!
I Am trying to sell a truck and acquire another but didn't want to detail the old one until it is warmer. This will be the week.
Next warm spell (next week) I'll go over the boats and be sure at least one of them is ready. Flies are tied. License in hand. Boat registrations in order.
Jelly Beans for all.
Can't wait!


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Checked out our boats in the storage unit this past weekend. All 4 are still there and still plastic ;) Already told the wife that soon I'll be leaving her at least once a pay period. Last year I think we fished 1 time and didn't get the yaks out at all. Not going to happen this year.