Derby question


Side note. You guys like the hand gesture in the pic or measuring out holding a fish down and a catch card? I feel like the gesture gets more enteries. say someone post a 22” brown. The contest comes to a stop cause it’s hard to beat. The number generator keeps more people relevant during the entire contest

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Up to you have to agree once someone gets something big it’s pretty much over. Plus it’s less stress on the fish and better for catch and release.


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same feeling here i dont have any problems with people keeping fish but for us that C&R most of the time its pretty hard on the fish.
Agree with the other C&R folks. I try to handle them as little as possible and get them back in the water ASAP.

Now, I just have to find time to actually get out and fish. 🙄
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I’m in on the hand gesture. I leave my phone setup in my pocket but still only take a pic of 1/8 the fish so far. When actions good I’m busy and also when it’s slow lol. The gesture works with leaving them in the water or after a hard fight. I love seeing them by a measurement for reference but it’s more likely taking a ride if I do that. I’m about to take the almost non-existent barb on my latest trout hook and crush it off. They’ve been hard to get unhooked fast and some reason biting so aggressive they inhale it making it hard to get the hook out quick.