Fossil is getting grey already


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An old friend from the PAfisherman forum, the forum we were all on before this one.

Notice he hasn't posted a video in 4 years and in all the later ones he sounds about like guys I would see in the ER. I keep thinking someone needs to start an IV, get some solumedrol in him, and we need to give him a continuous neb with 10 mg of albuterol.

He lived somewhere in my general area. In my travels I always see places I think were the places in his videos. Was going to take me hunting groundhogs but we never could put it together. I might have still been night shift back then, which makes it hard to connect with people. Even though I only had one job at the time I put in 3 weeks worth of hours every two weeks, which also made it hard to connect.

He is no longer with us.


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I'm hit or miss on the Harrisburg rally, depending on if I am working. I met a few people there from PAFOA. Always wanted to do one of the breakfasts at Cracker barrel but never could make it work. Even met a commenter from TTAG there once, Lifesavor, at a committee hearing.

Met lots of people at dinners, rallies, funerals. Meleanie Hain, Bill Grumbine, Gregg Brotz, PaPatriot, Ungawa, JBell, YBNORMAL (worked with his mother, she's a nurse). Lots more I can see their faces but I can no longer put the names with them. Good times. Many of them are with Fossil now.


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Damn. just took a walk down PAFOA memory lane looking for pics from the Philly OC march with me and Streaker holding the banner. Couldn't find them. But I found others.

OC dinners in '08

Broadheadsville. I don't think I can put names to anybody in these 2, except me and Monica. The fat couple in middle with pony tails is us.

Pottstown. I see SoberBiker (Big guy with the black sleeveless shirt and tats) there. And a bunch of people I can't connect with names.


Greg and PaPatriot up front there I think.


The benefit Utah Permit class for Meleanie's legal fund.


I see Robert Kayland (I think that was his name) there. Back row 5 from left. He rode with me to this one I think, and maybe to an OC lunch at Venice Pizza in Lancaster. Meleanie is back row 2nd from left next to me. I'm always the fat guy. Unless Bill Grumbine is in the pic ;)

And 2009 Venice Pizza in Lancaster after Meleanie's funeral. She liked the place, and we had an OC lunch there with her previously so we went there after. This is the one someone put names too. Some of them are off, but most are pretty close.


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I recognize a few there I met over the years. I didn't start hanging out there until '11 or '12. Some I miss like Ungawa, who isn't with us anymore. Used to like watching him make people give funny looks when he met tham and they first shook his hand without him saying anything first. 😉 He got a kick out of that. Greg looks way young there too. He did a backpacking trip with a few of us a couple years ago and looks quite different now.

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Here's my daughter hanging with streakers kids. I won't point who's who out in any pictures, since he's had some threats made against him on the other site before.