Medium power, medium power bait caster.


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When building such a rod of 7.5’ what might the guide spacing schedule look like?


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This is from a Medium-Heavy Power 7’-1” St Croix Mojo Bass. Model MJCJ1MHF.

Tip to guide ring:
6 3/8”
10 7/8”
16 1/4”
22 7/8”
39 3/8”
50 7/8”

Tip to center line of reel seat:
72 3/4”

I know you are looking for medium power but as an example from my spinning rods, St. Croix uses the same guide spacing whether medium heavy or medium light.
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Power bait, Ha! You still using that stuff?

TS yes. That is what I really needed…the measurements and this is perfect. I want to use it for bass and pickerel. Kind of a workers rod. I don’t know why I mentioned the power even. It will be medium power and a medium tip. Light enough to feel crappy and heave enough for average walleye and