New 14' Skiff


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I find with other things a lot of critical reviews are nonsense. Things like shipping problems, or a product arrives broken or missing parts. After that is improper use and poor maintenance like A-5 mentioned. Sometimes reviews are for an entirely different product. I always read some of the best reviews, some of the worst reviews, and some in the middle to try and get a feel for what is really going on.
That is exactly what I do. And laugh at some of them at times. ;)

Solitario Lupo

I would agree with TC. Try to get a feel for it but knowing that minn Kota is just like any other company they get cheaper not better so. Might wanna look at another company and take the chance. To me it also has to do with the better costumer service but you only know until you jump in.

Solitario Lupo

Sometimes these reviews are better just doing top 10 motors.



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Problem is I only ever heard of two of those brands before. And there isn’t anything comparative written about the others.
I guess at least one can physically locate a minn kota in a store. That’s a plus.


Mine kota are fine Don. Seriously not a issue. If I were you I would get a remote control motor and live life.