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Well with a new boat in the stable I’m wanting to try some new techniques mainly trolling with lead core line and trolling sinkers any body use these methods.


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I've been watching Russians doing this at Goldsboro and they really connect with panfish. One guy uses a 1/16th and/or1/8 jighead with 2-3" gulp style minnow. He lets the jighead down 2-3' below the bobber and goes along in 1st speed. He really cleans up. the bobber is nothing special. Just an oblong orange bobber.
I've been shallow trolling and have been catching allot of Bass and Pickerel on 1/4 ounce jigs with minnows. This past weekend the fishing was terrible. No real hits on artificial. Then we were trolling with drop shot rigs 10-20 at first and later on the bottom.....nothing. So it varies. I want to troll with drop shot along the upper bank at Frances E Walter. There has to be really big stuff along there.


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You know if you put your kayak in a lake once in a while you could have been trolling with that too ;)

Some guys even use downriggers

OK, I'm done being a smart ass for this post ;)

I saw some guys in a small boat doing what Don described at Speedwell Forge a month or two ago. They were using a standard red and white round bobber. I didn't see them catch anything, but Speedwell can be a tough place.

If you have electronics to find the depth the fish are at you know how deep to troll. Otherwise just try letting your bait down a little at a time until you start getting bites.

Lead core is usually a DEEP lake thing. I hear guys talk about it on the Great Lakes, and really big reservoirs in the south and west. Here in PA I am not sure anyplace is deep enough to need that, or to really get the benefits of it.


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Here’s my start hit my old fly guy/tackle hoarder up today and pawed through a few box’s just to see what I could scrounge and he gave me a few rigs that he messed with years back I love free stuff next trip to the fly shop will be about swivels,beads and blades to make some old school worm rigs for trolling walleye. I’m a firm believer that you have to know the old school way before you can understand the new thing


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