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Just olive buggers but it’s just about time


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Got a smallmouth this morning on one and think one trout hit smallies almost 20 miles by creek from the river by the way


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Olive, I get it, but I've been Flyfishing for two years this coming June 3rd, I have never caught a bass or trout an any color Wolly Bugger. I don't know how you do it. I get allot of Pickerel and panfish on the smaller sizes. Recently your crony, Mr. Nappenater. showed me some size 12 jig tied olive buggers and Bam, I burned in the panfish and Pickerel on these. I like the design and I think that on Lakes where I fish I've not fished where the bass are. Plus I probably strip too fast and too shallow. For Trout I'm usually on a steam and the stockies don't seem to like Buggers. I am too noisy and careless to catch Wild Tout in my little creeks. Plus I didn't realize until this yr that I should be dead drifting them ( I've been stripping them in). I'll get it.