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I'm glad I built a rod building jig. Its seen allot of action and recently I used it to repair a newish Bait caster rod. I was at Rice's mkt in Bucks county during Covid. A guy had this rod for one dollar and it barely looked like it had ever been used. So I replaced the eye today using some part I had and so no purchased were made. I still have to varnish it. It is surprising how heavy some of these old school Ugly Stiks are and so it will either troll or catfish.


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A simple rod wrapper is nice to have. I cobbled one together a few years ago and just Recently used it to repair a 5 wt that I snapped in the tailgate of my truck. The repair cost nothing and is hardly noticeable unless you look at the rod. Otherwise the repair is invisible. Took the rod out tonight for some light sunnie an$ rock bass testing. No issues so far.


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Nice setup. I made a setup many years ago using aluminum angle, kind of like bookshelves that I notched a V in and then used neoprene wheels on bearings. It worked really nice, I even bought a variable speed motor to wrap and automatically turn the rod for drying. I have no clue where it ended up though?

Now I just notch V’s on the ends of a cardboard box for repairs. It’s crude but it works for just repairing a guide.
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How do you align the guides when you're putting them on?

Line up the first one with the handle making sure that it's perpendicular to the flatness of the Reel seat. Then Line all the others up with that one. Look down through. Line'em all up. Some instructors suggest using a piece of soapstone or sharpie to make sight marks down the blank. I use a little tick of superglue or nail polish to hold the guides in place while I do final alignment. Then I usually place 1/4" wide masking tape over it to support it while I begin wrapping it. Once wrapped, but before glued of varnished I check alignment one mot time.
Matt covers this well:


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Nice Job!! I have some othe pieces of blanks somewhere. I trash picked a broken saltwater rod last time out, It's going to make a good reamer. I can't seem use masking tape to hole guides, so I bought bands from Mudhole now no worries. I even test cast with little weight before wrapping.


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