Salmon River - I’m Officially Booked!


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What type of style do you plan to use pin,spin float,spay,chuck and duck so on and on
I use a spin setup with a relatively light splitshot and a 3-4’ leader. I mostly sight fish and floss. (I’m a realist, not a purist) unless I can find fresh ones that are stacked then I’ll actually try to fish with eggs or pink worm if steelhead are around.


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Yea fishing has been blah

Yep. Yesterday was kind of fun though. I went to my local reservoir and threw large swim baits and chatter baits and they were taking them. I just wasn’t rewarded with anything of size. I like most types of fishing but it doesn’t seem like I get to fish “fast” too often chasing bass so it was a nice change.


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So the new thread title should be I'm Officially Back! but we are already looking to book for next year.

We got very lucky with our dates, weather and flows. While fishing in hard rain the first day and a dam release the following day is not optimal, it all culminated into the 3rd day being the best we have ever experienced and can only be described as Epic. Heavy Clear Flows, Blue Bird Skies a constant push of fresh Cohos every minute, all-day long. Thursday was the day all Salmon Anglers dream about so I consider myself extremely lucky to have experienced it.

A couple of things to note.

We had some biters, attackers I think would be the better term as I do not believe they are looking to eat but will attack out of instinct. That made hooking up so much easier. :) While I do prefer to sight fish, especially when levels are down, when fish are coming through as heavy as they were, blind casting is worth every cast.

We did see some Steelhead in the mix of King and Cohos with Coho outnumbering the Kings when it came to catches in Pineville yesterday.

I will never understand Pineville. Many people fish the back stretches behind the museum rather than the main river. I know those people did well too but the main river is not to be overlooked. Especially when the football field area we fish is just us and the next 2 football field lengths of water above us were literally not touched by anyone, all day long.

Good luck to any of you guys who are heading up.

@Grape sorry I did not communicate more and try to get together with you. Other than the Bloody Mary Morning, we fished all the time with just enough time to get back for Dinner and then crash so that we could do it again.

Speaking of Dinner.....I'll make another post.


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So Dinner and Tailwater. We go to Tailwater because we like Clean Rooms, some of the amenities but what really puts it over the top and makes us feel it is worth the price is the Restaurant. The price you pay for the caliber of food and food preparation you are receiving was well worth it in the past....................however, that has changed. Their prices are up, way up, their service, is way down and understaffed. Ok, Ok, we've come to accept that any restaurant visits are not like they use to be due to the Pandemic so if I have to wait a little longer, pay a little more, ok but the quality, no, don't mess with the quality and it is WAY DOWN! We had to send several plates back, some under-cooked, some actually burnt and they have reduced quantities and sizes.

If you plan to goto the Tailwater Restaurant this year because you like to spoil yourself with a higher end meal, you will be disappointed. If you just like an overpriced albeit still good Burger and a fine drink, that still works. We will be looking for other arrangements next year.......Quite Disappointing.
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