Shhhh, do you hear that?


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Yep, I wanted some but my normally flexible schedule has been pretty not-conducive to getting out. My favorite creek is getting fish in a few weeks and even though I get bigger everywhere else I love it there for a few weeks each year. Hopefully it’s not blown out but enough to make the fast short pockets deeper.
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Lehigh River at FEW Dam, for wade fishing I normally look for 400-500cfs

Inflow: 3115cfs
Outflow: 2770cfs
Rockport: 3583cfs
Weekend Flow: Fishing release is cancelled and we will be matching inflow
Precipitation: 0.83


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This is the Lehigh River Dam in Easton with the Delaware on the left. It looked like the Lehigh was up a little but the water was not very stained. The Delaware on the other hand was way up and Chocolate colored.



Steelhead are gone and the schools of smallmouth are not around. However God blessed our group of about 30 hook ups today but we traveled 3 hours ones way to find fish. The mighty Niagara AF6484BF-CBCC-46D3-AC10-3EA59882650A.jpeg


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That is so awesome. I was afraid you waited all year to skunk. Glad u had fun. I just arrived in shad landing of the Pocomoke State Park. Hoping for big Pickerel.