Taking up a new / old hobby this winter?


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Stay on the train. Forgive yourself any transgressions.
Scales are big for anything in life…I guess. Hoping you stuck to it.

Blackcat Outdoors

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I am having a good time with it. There have been a few times that I have impressed myself that my fingers just went with the flow on scales even though my mind might have wondered. It goes to show that practice is paramount.

I am enjoying learning music theory but there is a disconnect between my brain, ears, fingers and keys but if I keep practicing the keys so that my hands can operate the machine on its own, it will come together. I know, super analytical but when I get into something, I dive deep.

A pic of the setup. All paid for by not smoking. That however is another story :( with regression a few weeks back.

Thank you for asking!

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I couldn't help thinking of this. 🤣


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Guitar lessons as a child and percussion in middle school band, then one time, at band camp.....

Haven't played anything in decades.

Had a patient in Harrisburg who was a bass player, had worked at MTV and VH1 in NY when they still had music videos. He was accumulating the uke basses and Chinese guitar knockoffs from Amazon.