What did you Buy Today?


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bought and built a few days ago. After slapping my hand half a dozen times and hitting the forks as many I may be getting this slingshot thing sorted.

My 10 yo was taking archery and getting bored at range. He’s not shot in months so I finally got this done. He can shoot at the house now. Patio makes it easy to practice multiple elevations too.670644F8-D615-454D-A4AC-85CD5B7A2F3E.jpeg02429D89-CA3D-41F0-B5DC-85661971322B.jpeg94A7B52F-1AFA-418A-A6A7-BAE73163CB9F.jpegE56E1BD4-5C30-4DCF-9081-4FCC97725837.jpeg


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JC's Bait & Tackle in Gouldsboro is having a yard sale. $20 to stuff a sandwich bag full. I found an old fly in the mix. Cant really find any info on tge streamer but it looks old. They had a bunch of stuff to choose from for the $20 bag and they let you go to the top. They also had 2-3 chest freezers new in box for $150 in case anyone was interested.

They had some lower end spinning combos, charcoal bags cheap and other stuff.