What did you Catch Today?

Solitario Lupo

Some are fatter than others but for it to be that weight it have to be close to 50”. Caught one around 40” probably weighed close to 20lbs give or take. It was fat so it was a female still with eggs.


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I fished Spruce run. Not many boats there. Found a couple big big LMB but they all jumped and tossed the 1/32 jigs I was using. I had predetermined that I’d catch some Small sunfish to use for bait for catfish later. So the LMB were a great surprise but I forgot how they jump so. Then, sounding around with the fish finder, it became obvious that no panfish were schooling, and it seemed to me, that all the fish were either up under the trees or in Deeeep water. 45-60’ I saw many. But I fished the dam breadth and took four large cats out of the rocks using the panfish heads. I told A-5 that “It’s not about the Tug”. But I better understand now that using 4lb test with that big of a tug is indeed a blast. Takes many minutes to land a 5lb cat on four pound.


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Me too. Almost seems embarrassing to have gone to the hospital now. But my BP was in the 190's and heart rate was 165. it only lasted 1 1/2 hrs but it was recorded and over with almost upon arrival at the hospital by ambulance. Family history says keep an eye out. Thanks for your prayers.
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