What did you Catch Today?


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I see why I thought it was an east branch. I've only ever been on it in the halstead area where it runs east and west. I'm learning allot from y'all.


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For only the 2nd time this year we dusted off the kayaks and headed to the Delaware Water Gap. Super nice conditions but an absolute grind. I managed 2 Smallies and this perch. I had a few nibbles and got slammed. It ran drag for 3 seconds and spit. Shiela had a swing and miss kind of day. Water levels were the lowest I have ever seen!


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Today Charlotte terrorized the fishes of the central Delaware. Boot will be happy to know that what we caught is what we returned unscathed. Here is a sample:
I appreciate that as I’m sure Charlotte does as well. Passing our joys and passions on to the next generation is way better than eating every fish we catch. Welcome to the 21st century, I hope you stay and enjoy it for a while.


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We did not take any pics but we had a great dinner tonight for yesterdays visit to Sandy Hook.

The water was a little choppy getting to one of our favorite spots for Sea Bass and Fluke but we persevered and were rewarded with 10 or so fluke, 6-7 keepers and about 10 sea bass between the 3 of us. We did keep a few of the sea bass as well.

I’ve never tried my hand at “beer-battered” fish before so I did that tonight. They were good, it’s a lot of work in preparation and clean up so I don’t see myself using that method often but it was nice to try something different.