White Flies? Nah, fooled ya


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I pushed myself to get out again Tuesday evening before the deluge, Susquehanna North Branch is projected to go up 10 feet by Friday o_O I started seeing surface action right away but only a very few white flies, then it rained, then it stopped raining, then it rained, stopped, repeat, ect. There were definitely smaller yellow Sulphurs coming off but also small groups of white flies. So I went with the white popper again and got a nice one. Fish were rising in very good numbers but after the 1st bass they were refusing the white popper, nuts! After about 20 minutes of drifting it right over rising fish and getting no takes I figured it was time to use a natural dry fly imitation but checked the surface of the water with my headlamp and there were the Sulphurs all over the water and no white flies :oops: So I turned my back to the pool, and scrambled to tie on a Sulphur dry, then entire time I could hear splashes and loads of action. Finally got my dry fly on and caught one quickly, another nice smallie, landed and took a short video. Then it was pretty much it, still some insects on the water but no risers, I guess they had enough to eat. A few minutes later the insects were all but gone on the water, just a couple here and there, it was over with.

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