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    What did you Catch Today?

    What argument? If you see fish, cast to them. If you don't see fish, cast to them ;)
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    Setting the Hook

    Seen lots of underwater videos of people jerking a bait out of a fish's mouth. Also seen lots of videos where they waited to set and the fish spit it. I'm not sure there is a right answer here except try different things.
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    64 today

    Happy late birthday
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    Long time no see!!!

    Geez Randy, I can't beleive you'd let other things interfere with your fishing ;)
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    I always listen patiently at you fishtails

    For the love of.... It's the 21st century, man. Put that antique back in whatever museum you stole it from and get some modern equipment ;)...
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    Where am I?

    Kenayda or I'llaskher
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    Where am I?

    Oh and the location inside a car ;)
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    Where am I?

    This is an American forum. Please post in Fahrenheit ;)
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    Almost Famous

    That's quite a road to go down. I used to watch a lot of Shawn Woods primitive archery videos, before his trap videos took off and he became the mousetrap guy.
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    Salmon River - I’m Officially Booked!

    Awesome. Make sure to post lots of pics for us chronologically impaired types to enjoy ;)
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    Almost Famous

    Very cool.
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    Berks Fiddle Fest. My Kids!

    Congratulations to both, and the proud papa
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    What did you Catch Today?

    Opens mouth Shuts mouth Walks away
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    Berks Fiddle Fest. My Kids!

    If you're going to play in Pennsylvania, you gotta have a fiddle in the band? Aw, now, I gotta call up Budreau an tell 'im Grem gonna bring da gater, and Lupo, he gonna bring da crawdads, and A-5 gonna bring de fiddlers. Son of gun we'll have big fun on de bayou ;)
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    Need a Boondoggle thread

    Gowwwwlee Grem. Methink you no got the raight Cajun cukin Fer yu. I ain't neva had no gater like you tawkin bout.