I can't believe it but I am saying goodbye.....


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Well that didn't take long! LOL. I ordered and put a down payment on a boat yesterday. What I ordered though might surprise you being I am coming out of a 16' Deep V with a nice large 88" Beam. I ordered a Tracker Grizzly 1648 and Trailer. That's it, just the hull, tiller style. No motor, no electronics, no wiring, not even a bilge pump. 16' with a 72" beam will work great for my needs and I am going to build it exactly how I want my boat to be. Other than the area where I have to sit to control the motor, the rest is going to be deck and storage, both of which I have been craving for since I've turned into mainly a bass chaser.

The spending continued today with a purchase of a Minn Kota Ultrex for the bow. I am still deciding on the power plant but I mentioned in my original post my frustration with powered lakes so I am making this boat 100% electric for flexibility. There is an electric outboard company, several to be honest but specifically, epropulsion, that I am trying to decide how much I want to spend. In short, if I want to go 6-7mph, I'm looking at spending just under $3k. If I want to go 15mph, $6k and then there are variations in-between as well as other considerations. I know that might sound pricey but I am working with proceeds from my boat sale so it is in the budget so to speak. I'll label this as TBD yet. Easy money (in comparison) is to swap a Minn Kota on the Transom for electric lakes and a 20-25hp gas for gas powered lakes. I do enjoy the tech stuff though so ......... ;)

I have a ton of parts to order yet but fortunately, they are not as pricey as the last 2 days and the main power plant.
Congrats!!!! Don't forget batteries. Lithium are popular now due to less weight but VERY pricey. Some of those outboards take 2 to 5 batteries plus 2 for the trolling motor.


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Congrats!!!! Don't forget batteries. Lithium are popular now due to less weight but VERY pricey. Some of those outboards take 2 to 5 batteries plus 2 for the trolling motor.

Absolutely. Epropulsion is proprietary to their outboard motor and is part of the cost and isn’t too bad at 50 lbs for their mid-tier battery that will get the boat to 10-11mph.

Unless I find a really good deal on lithium for the trolling motor, I’ll just go deep cycle. I can’t knock my 24V Interstate setup I had in my last boat. Enough power for 2 trips. The weight is a downer for sure but I have to make some sacrifices. :(


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That ultrex is sweet.

Being a tech fan, I really wanted the Garmin Force but that is a huge TM and would just look goofy on this boat. Saving $1k compared to the Garmin was nice as well. Love the Ultrex though. I wanted one for my last boat but limitations in size and budget had me ending up with the Terrova. Terrova is darn good too, it’s just not real friendly with adding a transducer and of course, the deploy on the Ultrex is a little nicer.


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that is a pretty awesome project. I never knew how important storage is until I built my little boat. there isn't any storage whatsoever and my fly lines are constantly grabbing this and getting in knots. As you assemble it I hope u share some photos. I suggest standard slow speed and lots of battery power and battery analalisis tools and monitors. To put is in perspective the Nock is 7+/- long but there a 4-5 launches and I doubt Id travel more than a mile per outing. On more open lakes you might like more speed just to get out of the way of the big boats but If you resist that expensive go-fast stuff just think of the other electronics you could add with your savings. Maybe even a little suitcase genset.
Watching A-5 work on his new boat has been kind of inspiring. And in time it will serve him well. Photos please!


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Making progress. I have all of my batteries and my just arrived charger is doing it’s job.

That yellow lid box to the left has MANY goodies in it that I have been accumulating.

My Ultrex will be here today yet and my Garmin fish finder tomorrow. The only thing left needed to get on the water is the electric outboard….oh….and the boat! Lol. Hopefully I will see both of them in 2-3 weeks.
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So your powering this with an all electric outboard motor. How far can you go on the battery?

It depends on how hard you run it, like a trolling motor. According to the manufacturer, 22 miles on one charge running at 4.4mph but if running full tilt at 6.2mph, only 7.8 miles. So definitely a your mileage may vary ;) scenario.

From what I am reading on the owners FB group, people are impressed with the range so I’m hoping I also experience similar results. If not, I’ll be getting a gasser quickly. ;)