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We welcomed a new pup into our lives today. His name is Hank. He is a 1 year and 1 month old Red Golden Retriever.

My wife told me it was “Time” last month and she has been applying at many rescues and we’ve been making some visits. Coincidentally, Hank showed up at our local SPCA 2 days ago. My wife and daughter fell in love with him at first sight and they had to have him.

His demeanor is 1000% lab, love-able, playful and demands that everyone gives him attention.

The SPCA told us that the couple who surrendered him got him as a puppy from a breeder but were now divorcing and could not care for him going forward with the upheaval. He seems like he was well cared for and in a caring house, regardless of their current circumstances though it does seem they liked to feed him a little too much. ;). That’s ok, we’ll get him exercising and on a proper feeding schedule.



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Awesome Fishing Pal.

Rule food from the table, ever
Rule #2 ..... No food from the table, never
Rule #3.....No food from the table, never-ever
Agreed agreed agreed!

We’ve always spoiled our pups in many ways but you have to set limits and boundaries. It’s good discipline for all of the family.
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I feel bad posting only pics of him in his bed but this is the result of a busy morning! He got to run free with our Neighbor’s Bernese Mountain Dog “Kona”. Kona has become our grandchild the last half year. My neighbor literally opens our door and he comes and visits us a couple of times a week and then we return him when we tire him out. Lol

We didn’t want to intro them for a few days at least just so Hank got acclimated but they were both outside and dogs do what they do and I’m happy to say, they were instant friends.

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An action shot, out of his bed! LOL

Once again, we kept him busy today but I would never have expected a dog to be so relaxed. No, he’s not scratching his back, he’s just passed out. He’s like a fat guy who just ate a hoagie after a night at the bar. I can only hope it means he’s very secure and comfortable to sleep like that.


He does have a touch separation anxiety with my wife. She was the first one to meet him as well as the one to pick him up yesterday so he sees her as his savior I suppose. We are already working on that but who could blame the pup after being given up and displaced the last week. We are so lucky!!

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Gotta watch so he don’t go after those baits mine always did. Never was a good fishing partner but always great for protection. I always sent them first in high weeds they made me the path. Except for the jack she didn’t like high weeds so she made me make her a path lol.


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We had a couple of labs growing up, the one liked to swim and loved the outdoors but the other was content being the family pet. Our last pup was a lab/retriever mix, she was not a swimmer, heck, I don’t think she even like getting mud on her paws. Lol

I have no plans one way or the other for him. If he wants to jump in the local basin / pond (there’s fish in there) he’ll tell us I suppose. ;)

So far though he is not mouth oriented at all and only knows how to chase a ball and give it back. Not catch. All of the other toys my wife and daughter bought him he has no interest except this one pull rope that he insisted be in his bed with him.

We got a winner for sure though, so sweet, I can’t understand how anyone could have given him up. People….grrrr. Their loss, my gain!