Do we dare?


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I’d like to see a get together for everyone this year. Thought maybe we could all stay at A-5’s house. Or we could camp at TCs apartment complex.

I suggest instead, though, that we meet at Mauch chunk, Locust lake or Tuscarora . You folks cook. I’ll eat. There is camping at these locations.

Sat or Sunday last week of August or maybe the first weekend after Labor Day would work as well. But then after that I’m on and off the road through Nov.

This year may be busy for all and next winter may work better but now is a good time to start the discussion.


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If you're talking about the weekend of September 3-4 I'm working. If you are talking about August 27-28 I am off. The weekend after Labor Day (9/10-11)we have a preexisting obligation.

Most current info.

0900 (9 AM) Fish
1300 (1 PM) Lunch
Tuscarora Lake, PA
Locust Lake PA

Troutspinner (?)
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Randy Z

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I know i started this same thread last year, but i promise i will be there!!!! Myself and MelvinP. Maybe someplace were we can fish also? Boats? Make a weekend out if it? All can cuddle together overnight? 🤣
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I was trying to avoid summer family vacationers. The lakes I suggested were vetted for excessive aquatic weeds and stuff that may muck up you nice boats. I’m open to any but these are the ones I know that can handle your arks.


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OK, no one has picked a location, so from the 3 Don offered I will say Tuscarora.

So August 28th, Tuscarora Lake. Be there or be square.